Monday, March 28, 2011

TRICC Speaks...again

So, last year the wonderful Toronto-based movie blog The Dark of the Matinee had me on its equally wonderful podcast, The Matineecast. We reviewed The Runaways and went over our top biopics.  It was all in good fun and I even dropped some pretentious film snob bombs. But as someone who has struggled with stage fright and performance anxiety her entire "white problems" ridden life, it also made my stomach very unhappy and the rest of me very, very sweaty.  I'm a writer. I have my moments in real life when I may regale my loved ones with a story or "bit" as they say.  But, as soon as someone asks me to perform in any mind goes completely blank. But, life is about doing things that make you really sweaty and uncomfortable right? I mean, that is how we all came into this world in one way or another.

Well, I did it again and this time I was way less nervous and I think it turned out pretty OK.  Mad Hatter is an excellent host with an encyclopedic film knowledge and an impressive DVD collection in view of his web cam.  I may have veered from my notes a few too many times and seem to recall thinking to myself, "If I just keep speaking, eventually my words will form meaning on their own."