Friday, June 3, 2011

I Do Love Paris in June...You Should Too

I for one am very glad that Woody Allen rarely makes films about poor people. Poor people stories are such downers filled with struggle, consequence and the calculating yet chaotic nature of the cruel, cruel universe.  But in most Allen movies, it seems that only the privileged are privileged enough for his brand of escapism, a kind of escapism where livers of charmed lives seek out rather interesting brands of distraction and relief from their general malaise and fleeting existential angst.  In an interview in the latest Film Comment, Allen talks about how life is all about the escape from the reality of living, dealing with the “terrible predicament” of life, as it all means nothing.  Look, you’ve got to have some cash to really buy that POV.  At the same time, his latest film Midnight in Paris makes for the loveliest kind of distraction, indulging in whimsy and nostalgia that defy this penultimate auteur’s underlying cynicism.