Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Bites: Beginners and The Trip!

Hey there, fair readers!   So many, many movies open tonight. The two in today's Quick Bites will be playing at the Ritz Theaters here in lovely Philadelphia.  Also in theaters is last week's film that I didn't even post a link too on TRICC, so here it is now if you haven't read it yet and are in need of a total downer: Beautiful Boy

Tune in next week for Conan O'Brien Can't Stop!

The Trip
Full review will be posted on NorristownPatch a bit later today (or tomorrow).
British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom is anything but predictable.  From real documentaries to fake ones, from indie rock porn to a drama starring Angelina Jolie, Winterbottom keeps it interesting. Having shared the screen in other Winterbottom films including 24 Hour Party People and, my favorite, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play Steven Coogan and Rob Brydon – or at least some UK Bizzaro World Seinfeldian scripted version of themselves.  Steve’s on assignment for the Observer to tour the finest North England restaurants and inns.  Having just gone on a “break” with his younger American girlfriend and after asking several other people, Steve gets his old friend, “stunningly accurate” impressionist, Rob, to tag along to serve as company, collaborator and punching bag. Faced with the choice of playing a Dr. Who “baddie” in his home country and a cable series in the US, Steve is torn between life in overcast England and sunny L.A. He digs into his English roots while challenging and insulting Rob in a series of comedy duels over haute cuisine.