Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun: Trailers, Links, and Sharks!

It's Friday. It's 10am and already 117 degrees (that might be hyperbole). It's time to sit back in your icy office chair and enjoy the wonders of the Interweb.

Hey, you know what's funny?  Cancer.  But, seriously folks, I feel like I've heard Seth Rogen mention this flick like 40 times on various talk shows over the last few years. It's not called I'm with Cancer anymore, but this movie by The Wackness director, Jonathan Levine, still looks pretty great.  Heartwarming and funny. And it seems light on the bromance.  Oh, Mr. Rogen, you're growing up right before our eyes.  Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorbs.  Late September feels very far away, so write this down somewhere so you don't forget to see it.