Friday, August 26, 2011

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Forecast illustration from
I'm not sure if the proverbial shit is really going to hit the proverbial fan tomorrow, but it has been a wacky week on the East Coast.  I don't think anyone was comparing our little tremble to actual natural disasters, but Tuesday's earth-quiver was a new experience for us jerky entitled Yank city-dwellers and something to talk about for sure. Now, we're waiting for a hurricane named Irene which may still be a Category 2 when it hits NYC, a city that hasn't experienced a direct hit since 1821.  Philly, which is already saturated from a very wet August following a hellish July is going to have a few problems too.

And luckily, there's little to compel you to venture out to theaters this weekend.  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark opens today and well, it's kind of boring. Read my review here at El

Our Idiot Brother also brings it's mellow yet tedious stylings to theaters too. Paul Rudd is pretty lovable as the naive screw-up that accidentally wreaks havoc on his family after serving time for selling weed to a uniformed police officer at the farmer's market.  There are some excellent folks in this movie, Steve Coogan, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey D. and it has some really funny parts.  Definitely queue it up for the future - or if your town has electricity you might even consider taking in the cheap matinee. I was having a really crappy day when I saw it and it actually made me feel better for like 7 minutes afterwards.

Anyway, I've charged my Kindle and have made a sacrifice to the Interweb Gods - so we'll have entertainment as we hunker down and await the apocalypse.

Now, read more to see extremely important advice concerning disaster preparedness.