Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bob's Burgers, Bob's Burgers, Bob's Burgers!!

This is the post where I extoll to you the awesomeness of Bob’s Burgers. Yes, I realize that the way to get someone to not watch/read/listen to/dine at whatever is to tell them how awesome it is.  But, screw convention!  I’m gearing up for the season 2 premier of Bob’s Burgers on Sunday, March 11th on Fox and then hopefully like on Monday, March 12th it will be on Hulu Plus so I can actually watch it!  Oh, it better be, because like many city-dwelling HD antenna users – we can only tune in Fox like 32% of the time - a percentage that usually has no impact on my quality of life. Usually.

So, I’m not going to sugar coat it, fair readers. Here are 5 cold hard reasons to watch Bob’s Burgers season 1 on HuluPlus* before March 11th:

1. Seth McFarlane has nothing to do with it.

2. Bob is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, a national treasure in the voice actor category (Archer, Dr. Katz, and yes, Family Guy – shut up, I hate that show!). Of course, the nation’s official voice artiste national treasure is Sir Billy West, as we all know. Oh, and the rest of the cast rocks too including Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman and Kevin Kline as Wonder Warf business tycoon, Mr. Fischoeder. Yeah, you read that right.

3. This post on the Bob’s Burgers blog.

4. Tina

5. Because The Simpsons are just so depressing at this point. Let it go, guys.

A clip from last season when the family ran a bed and breakfast one weekend to make extra cash.

*I should really be getting some sort of compensation for this level of brazen promotion.

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