Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun: Aquatic Edition

Is this gif on? Html and I rarely understand each other. Source.

It’s Friday, fair readers, and you know what that means…fun.  I’ve sure had fun this week with a much under-publicized re-launching of ye olde blog. I’m sneaking up on writing on a regular basis again. Shhh, read really quietly or you’ll scare the writing away.  Oh, you can also find it here: because I, for one, welcome our Facebook overloads. Even the blog has a timeline and birthday now.  But, man I need a new logo – that font up there stinks!

But, more importantly – what's been going on in the ocean lately?

There’s a new apex predator that everyone is talking about - super cold water. Alec Baldwin’s familiar silky rasp makes it way scarier than Air Jaws. Frozen Planet airs on Discovery on March 18th.

Speaking of jaws, way back when I was in-utero “Steve Spielberg” was a sore loser winner. Listen carefully to the directors he was up against.

Europa, Europa – Jovian moon, yet another place in the universe where it’s best not to drink the water.

And finally, just when you gave up hope, a very rare Shepherd’s beaked whale was spotted in Australian waters just hanging out with some dolphins and pilot whales.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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