Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, Li-Lo.

OK, this is NOT Lindsay Lohan, but it is an example of shit that we redheads 
have to be associated with during our formidable years. No wonder she's blonde now.
Lindsay Lohan, along with her new lips, cheeks and teeth, hosted SNL this weekend. And it was sad. So very, very sad.  After years of arrests, probation, missed court dates, see-through tops at said court dates, and countless crotch shots while entering or exiting various vehicles, Lindsay looks damn tired at 25.  Cameos by Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon didn’t even help this train wreck. And a certain SNL alum and Lindsay supporter was missing. One can only assume that Tina Fey was like, “I want no part of this shit show, Lorne.”  And it was a shit show, but not because the sketches were bad, as they are always pretty bad. No, the most disappointing part was Lohan’s lifeless face, distorted by substance abuse and cosmetic procedures, evidence of years of bad advice and the cruel nature of fame. Or not, whatever.

Because I don’t want you, fair readers, to have to sit through the entire episode, here is a brief compare and contrast or Li-Lo then and now. We expect a bit more from folks that are hosting for their fourth time, but it is clear that Lohan had no business being up there. I mean, she literally had no business, no movie to promote and hasn’t been in one since 2006.  Shame on a certain show-runner putting her out there too soon.



Yes, there are more important things to be sad about in the world, but writing about the recent tornadoes and the tsunami debris that's headed across the Pacific to our pristine Washington and Oregon shores is not really fun.

To cleanse your palette here’s a decent sketch with Jon Hamm. I like that they went with James Mason here, since 18-24yr old dudes probably have no idea who he was.

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