Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please don't let this be a Rule of Three's thing...

Hey, this is a comedy show. What gives?!

When I was 8 years old (or 9, I have no frickin’ clue) MTV started running re-runs of The Monkees TV program from back when mom and her sisters wore matching homemade dresses for family photo shoots. My weird neighborhood friends, the ones I would never actually hang out with during school or invite to proper parties and slumber parties on the weekends, and I even formed a Monkees cover band with the grand ambition to perform a block concert on some steamy Sugarland summer evening.  We may have even have gone door to door selling tickets.

But, much like the real The Monkees, we planned to debut without learning our instruments or even how to pantomime some songs (e.g.). We left a lot of the logistics during the planning of this “show,” come to think of it. But, I do recall that we never actually went on, never sold any tickets, and I was pretty bummed that I had to be Micky.

Another Monkee that cared little for unnecessary “e’s” in his name was Davy Jones.  He died today and he was only 66.  It’s funny how the older we get, the younger old people feel to us.  When I was 8, 66 felt like a distant dream (nightmare), but now I see what a loss, what a shame it is to go when there is so much more life left to live. He performed on stage just 10 days ago.  RIP, Davy. Even though short dudes really freak me out, your humor, smile and the way you sang the word “girl” are treasures that will be missed.