Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun, ya'll!

Source: Andreaaaonfire
It's Friday! Even though Philasmellphia is in for a rainy weekend, I feel like dancing. I'm learning Nico's These Days on ye olde guitar (I promise not to attempt to sing along, loved ones), there's a new Community in my HuluPlus queue and a new Bob's Burgers to savor. Life is pretty great, even though this unseasonably warm weather is making blow-drying my hair in the morning a much sweatier activity than usual. Just another unforeseen consequence of global warming, I guess. Sigh. Sure, there's some serious stuff going on the world from the assault on women's rights that's enjoying an oddly fanatic resurgence (those folks are usually so reasonable) to the fact that having a black POTUS has not resulted in the post-race utopia we all hoped for - it's a shit storm out there, fair readers. But, despite the onslaught of pollen that's literally choking me right now, there are many wonderful things happening in the world - and most of them are on the Interweb.